Rencon provides premier technical, economic and planning services to clients in the energy industry. Its range of comprehensive services in renewable energy, energy efficiency and power systems.

    1. Rural energy projects design and implementation
    2. Energy needs surveys and assessments
    3. Systems evaluation for technical and financial viability
    4. Market research and preparation of energy business plans
    5. Renewable energy systems design, installation, testing and commissioning.
    6. Practical and theoretical training on renewable energy systems design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance.
    7. Feasibility studies on renewable energy projects.
    8. Renewable energy projects development and investment advisory
    9. Project management, monitoring and evaluation
    1. Energy auditing
    2. Energy efficiency and conservation projects feasibility studies
    3. Energy management and conservation training
    4. Energy savings measurement and verification
    5. Project management, monitoring and evaluation
    6. Energy service company (Esco) services – appraisal, feasibility study, financing, implementation, measurement and verification- on profit or savings sharing basis.
    1. Assessing commercial, technical and financial viability of new power distribution projects for rural electrification programmes.
    2. Grid and remote area power systems services
    3. Rural energy planning
    4. Load surveys for industrial, grid extension and isolated power supply developments
    5. Engineering design of substations and distribution lines up to 11,000 Volts.
    6. Supervision of construction, installation and testing of power substations up to 132,000 Volts
    7. Project management,  monitoring and evaluation
    8. Diesel and hybrid power generation for remote area applications – for individual or community use in micro and mini-grid distribution systems.
    9. Training