Over the years, Rencon has gained a lot of knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and power systems. Our client base, that includes private companies, NGOs, Governments, multilateral donor agencies and international organizations is testimony to the quality of our services. We mention a few:

    1. International Finance Corporation (IFC)
    2. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
    3. Ministry of Health, Uganda
    4. GTZ, Kenya
    5. Triodos bank – Netherlands
    6. Ministry of Energy, Kenya
    7. UNDP, Kenya
    8. Ministry of Energy, Uganda
    9. Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute
    10. World Corps, Kenya
    11. Chloride Exide (K) Ltd
    12. Kenya Power & Lighting Co. Ltd
    13. Asea Brown Boveri, Kenya
    14. Kenya Credit Traders Ltd
    15. Mastermind Tobacco (K) Ltd

A detailed list with a brief descriptions of services rendered are available on request.