Rencon Associates was established in 1998 as a sole proprietary business to provide independent professional consultancy services in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and power systems. It became a corporate entity in year 2003.

Distinct from traditional engineering consulting firms that offer a whole range of services in several disciplines, Rencon is focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation and electrical power systems. Rencon’s critical advantages include its practical knowledge base in energy industry operations, coupled with its position at the forefront of energy management and renewable energy in the region; its ability to leverage technical and management expertise to create technology solutions for the industry. The management and operations of Rencon are directly under the supervision and control of its founder and principal Eng. Kiremu Magambo, a professional Engineer with over 25 years experience in the energy industry.


By design, Rencon has a small and highly specialized team of consultants which is at the heart of the company operations and service provision. Besides, the company has established long term working relationships with individual specialist consultants and international consulting firms who provide specific project inputs and expertise. One such firm of international consultants is IT Power Ltd of the United Kingdom. Rencon therefore has at its disposal the expertise and resources of these individual consultants and firms.